……….it was published the book photo: “GOTLAND. Journey into the Labyrinth from the beginnings”, in english……

…….it was published the book photo”GOTLAND. Journey into the Labyrinth from the beginnings”.


62 pages of research, insights and impressions of travel accompanied by 32 photographs collected in the places where the story takes manifested in its most mysterious and controversial through coils of mazes timeless …An introspective journey in search of knowledge. the labyrinth pushes us towards distant destinations, perhaps unattainable … But it’s worth the pain, groped to achieve.

A book by Fabio Consolandi, Luca Pascucci and Giancarlo Pavat

32 color photos and unpublished texts in Italian AND ENGLISH.

Only 15,00 €,

62 pages full color large format paperback.

A book for all lovers of adventure, travel and archeology mysterious and esoteric, in the wake of large reportage author.

new_photobook Gotland

Here is the procedure to buy the book:

Step 1) ……on the following link:>

Journey into the labyrinth from the beginnings

step 2) from the page that appears, choose the type of cover that you prefer to buy as: “soft cover” € 15:50 and define the amount of books that you want to buyp>

step 3) click on the blue button “add to cart” and follow the instructions on the site to complete the insertion of your data to perform the purchase.

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  1. Bello e interessante, lo acquisterò certamente.

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